My Second Year 


In my second year our final project consisted of having to provide a new form of attraction towards the Brighton train station. Our site was split up into 12 sections on the east and the same on the west of the site. Our overall aim as a studio was to create a web over the top of the train tracks which would have all the buildings connected. The ethos of our studio consisted of ensuring that our design uses re-used elements around the local area. Therefore, I managed to collaborate with some local business' that looked at re-using wood and iron. 

My first aim was to create access from the station into my site. The bridge goes through 4 different sites before reaching mine. I decided to take control of this design as I found it to be incredibly important whereas many others avoided this task. This was then shared to the other peers within my studio.  


Bridge Rendering 



Design 1 - Exploded Axonometric




Final Design - Plan Screenshots


The proposal presents a design which would allow people to gather if they were waiting for their next train or happened to have some free time. The building consists of local art displays, a lecture room and study pods, providing a balance between public and private spaces. 



Final Design - North Facing Section Screenshots 




Final Design - South Facing Section Screenshots 




Final Design - Interior Render